Launched in April 2010, "Homewood Nation" seeks to connect everyone who cares about Homewood with everything they need to know about Homewood. In 2011, I plan to extend the Homewood Nation brand as a sponsor of culltural events and as a line of merchandise.

I am also planning a series of public service announcements under the title, "I Am Homewood," featuring residents of Homewood.

I have two books in the works. The working titles are: "Five Easy Pieces for Young Filmmakers" and "Black Man in a Suit."

"Five Easy Pieces for Young Filmmakers" will contain five short screenplays for use by students and other beginning filmmakers.

"Black Man in a Suit" will contain posts from "My Homewood," a blog that I wrote on the Post-Gazette's website from October 2005 through March 2010.

Both books are slated for publication in the second quarter of 2011.

I have shot two of my short screenplays, "I Will Love You Always" and "coda."

"I Will Love You Always" was produced with equipment from Pittsburgh's public access cable channel, PCTV21, and aired there in July, 2008.

"coda" is in post-production.

I am looking for ways to get both of them in front of more people.

Prior to the Post-Gazette, I mostly wrote poems and short stories.

LUMINARIA PRODUCTIONS LLC my media production company.

Luminaria's mission so far is simple: to tell the world compelling stories. Within that framework, one of my highest priorities is to tell the continuing story of the transformation of the neighborhood in which I live, Homewood..