I serve on the following committees:

The Save Race Street Committee (vice-chair) - working to improve the quality of life on my street.

Block Watch Plus - Block Watch Plus, a program of Operaion Better Block Inc., is an assembly of members from the block watch associations sponsored by OBB. I am on the BWP executive committee and the vacant property task force.

Bridging the Busway - a committee engaged in developing a plan for transit-oriented development centered around the Homewood Avenue stop of the Martin Luther King, Jr. East Busway. The project name arises from the fact that the Busway now forms a hard barrier between Homewood and the neighborhood to its south, North Point Breeze.

Cafe 524 Steering Committee - a former church near the busway stop is being redeveloped as a coffee shop, which, according to plans, will be eligible for a LEED Platinum certification.

The Homewood Children's Village (Leadership Committee) - a project to replicate, on a smaller scale, the success of the Harlem Children's Zone.